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Renta Corporación and 011h are building their first development of sustainable, industrialised homes, in Barcelona

  • The building will be made entirely from certified wood and other sustainable building materials, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%
  • Industrialisation of the construction process will make it possible to reduce the time taken to complete the work by at least 40%.
  • The project will comply with the most demanding energy efficiency standards and will have green certification awarded by the Green Building Council Spain.
  • The apartment building will be located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and will feature 8 homes over 3 floors
Barcelona, 18 February 2021.- Renta Corporación and 011h, the new generation construction company, have joined forces to develop one of the first developments of industrialised and fully sustainable homes in Spain. Located in L’Hospitalet del Llobregat (Barcelona), the building, with 8 homes over 3 floors will be built wholly from certified wood (CLT) and other sustainable materials. For both companies, the project involves strengthening their commitment to sustainable construction and reducing the sector’s negative externalities. Residential construction is currently one of the most polluting sectors, being responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union
Sustainability and health
Using wood will make it possible to increase comfort in the homes, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%. The project will also feature natural, recyclable and reusable materials with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which certifies their sustainability throughout their life cycle.
To ensure energy efficiency and low consumption, the building has been designed using passive design criteria. In this way, the homes need virtually no energy for heating or cooling. In addition, the project anticipates the installation of solar panels to produce part of the energy that the homes require.
Consequently, the building will have an energy certification rating of A under Spain’s new Technical Building Code as well as the VERDE certification granted by the Green Building Council Spain (GBCe).
The project, promoted by Renta Corporación and 011h, also stands out for its high levels of comfort and steps to improve health and well-being that it offers its occupants. In this way, the homes will have natural cross ventilation, double flow controlled mechanical ventilation systems and a heat recovery system that guarantees optimum quality of internal air.
With regards to light comfort, all of the main rooms will have direct natural light, while in spaces where artificial lighting is necessary, high colour rendering LED lights will be installed.
For David Vila, CEO of Renta Corporación: “With this project, and through the alliance with 011h, Renta Corporación is once again demonstrating its dedication to environmental sustainability in the construction sector, and to the health and well-being of future users of the buildings in our portfolio. Industrialised construction and the use of renewable materials, such as wood, are future trends in the property sector and they will have a positive effect in the medium and long term on progress towards greater environmental and social sustainability.”
Industrialisation and technology in construction
Industrialisation is one of the cornerstones of the project. This means that the different components of the building will be produced in a factory and then assembled on site. Some parts of the building, such as the bathrooms and the panels with facilities, have been designed in 3D and will be fully completed in the factory. This will make the construction process 40% faster, more efficient and it will have greater quality in all of the elements.
The principal characteristics that differentiate this project from other similar ones include the application of technology and digitalisation. Through the implementation of integral BIM technology, all of the value chain will be optimised and integrated, making it possible to manage incidents and synchronise models, documents and processes.
Furthermore, the optimisation of the design of each of the materials also makes it possible to reduce waste products very significantly and facilitates the recycling and reuse of discarded or pre-existing materials.
José Manuel Villanueva, co-CEO and co-founder of 011h said, “at 011h we are convinced that industrialisation, the application of BIM technology and intensive use of data are the path the sector should follow when building sustainable homes”. Villanueva added that “the application of technology not only enables us to develop a higher-quality product, but we also add value at every step in the production chain”.
Three-storey apartment building
Located in the centre of L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, the building intended for build to sell will comprise 8 homes of around 70m2, which will be distributed over 3 floors. The homes will also have a terrace or balcony, reacting to one of the requirements in most demand among consumers and helping improve the well-being and health of users of the building.
Demolition works for the future development have already started and assembly of the prefabricated elements on site is expected to start in June. Completion of the assembly work is expected at the end of the year.
About 011h:
011h is the first new-generation Spanish construction company. The company is revolutionising the construction sector through technology in order to create high-quality intelligent buildings and build healthy and sustainable lives. Founded in 2020, and with an end-to-end construction model, 011h has the mission of leading the industrialisation of the property sector and transforming the design and construction process for buildings, reducing the costs and timescales of execution and providing greater reliability. The philosophy of 011h is supported on creating a new model of cooperation in the construction industry, based on transparency and centred on people. Established by a team of entrepreneurs with a long and successful history, 011h currently has 20 professionals with technological profiles, architects and engineers, among others. Its current area of activity is Spain, and the company intends to grow in Europe and other international markets.
About Renta Corporación
Renta Corporación is a property developer listed on the stock exchange with a differential business model based on creating value by acquiring property assets for transformation and adaptation to the needs of the market, for subsequent sale to third parties. The property developer concentrates its business focus on the markets of Madrid and Barcelona, the two areas of Spain that are most liquid and have the most activity. The company complements its business model through its property activity, managing property assets of different types, both its own and ones belonging to affiliated companies, principally Vivenio, which generates recurring income for the company.