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AEDAS Homes and 011h present Fioresta, the first high-rise building with a wooden structure in the Region of Valencia

  • The innovative residential development comprises 51 two and three-bedroom homes with large terraces and communal areas including swimming pools and a sun deck for adults – with a whirlpool bath – and for children, gardens, a children’s play area, equipped social room and gym and much more.
  • José María Quirós, the Industrialisation Representative of AEDAS Homes: “Fioresta is much more than just a housing project: it is a new way of building, a giant step towards the future of development hand in hand with sustainability and industrialisation.”
  • José Manuel Villanueva, co-founder of 011h: “Digitalisation and industrialisation will enable us to reduce completion times and construct a building of maximum quality.”
March 2022. Homes, a leading figure in residential development in Spain, and 011h, a new-generation construction company that makes carbon-neutral buildings, have presented the Fioresta development in Alicante along with the project architect, Ibán Carpintero. This sustainable and industrialised low-rise residential building is the first in the Region of Valencia to include wood as the main material in its structure.
“Fioresta is much more than a housing development. It represents a new way of building. A giant step towards the future of residential development hand in hand with sustainability and industrialisation,” said José María Quirós, Industrialisation Manager of AEDAS Homes. He added: “Wood is the most sustainable building material there is: it comes from nature, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and its carbon footprint is radically lower than that of traditional materials. Not only does making it not emit CO2, it actually absorbs it. At AEDAS Homes we are again committing to respect the environment by introducing wood into the sector”.
José María Quirós praised other advantages of wood in construction beyond sustainability: It is a very hard-wearing and long-lasting material and an excellent thermal, electrical and acoustic insulator. It also stands out for its ability to regulate humidity, improving the comfort and healthiness of homes”.
The Fioresta development, whose construction is planned to start in July, is located in San Juan de Alicante and it will comprise 51 homes with 2 and 3 bedrooms with an average area of over 100 m2, garage and store room, all with large, well laid out terraces, divided between two four-storey blocks. They will also feature communal areas with swimming pool and sun terrace for adults –– with whirlpool bath – and for children, gardens, children’s play area, fully equipped social room and gym and bike parking.
A 75% reduction in CO2 emissions
Thanks to the digital and industrialised construction model of 011h, Fioresta will reduce CO2 emissions during the work by 75% and the completion time by 30%, meaning the development, will be completed in just 15 months. The construction model of 011h is based on three foundations: the developing a system of components designed to standardise the construction process from beginning to end, a network of select high-quality partners that form part of the implementation of the projects and a digital platform that integrates proprietary tools and third-party ones to manage the whole of the process with real-time data.
“AEDAS Homes drives the highest quality on the market and the maximum sustainability sustainability in Fioresta through a minimal impact from its construction thanks to its wooden structure and with low energy consumption. This high quality will be reflected in the incredible facilities of the development, with fully equipped communal areas, and in the care for the homes, which, for example, will have underfloor heating and large areas,” stated Rocío Sierra, the Developments Manager of AEDAS Homes in Alicante and head of the project.
Air source heat pump system, the cross ventilation, underfloor heating and the SATE-type insulated façade…
The developer is including wood in the structure of a development of homes in the Region of Valencia for the first time to increase the sustainability of the project from the start.Wood is a natural material that comes from the sustainable management of forests and which, along with BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, enables a new cleaner and more efficient way of building. AEDAS Homes also implements other measures to make homes as sustainable as possible and with low energy consumption, such as the air source heat pump system, the cross ventilation, underfloor heating and the SATE-type insulated façade.
“We are very happy to cooperate with AEDAS Homes on the Fioresta project. We love its strong vision about sustainability and health. L. We share it fully. Digitalisation and industrialisation will enable us to reduce completion times and will allow the construction of a building of the highest quality,” said José Manuel Villanueva, co-founder of 011h..
Fioresta is located in the Nou Nazareth integrated action plan area, a part of San Juan de Alicante that is privileged thanks to its proximity to all of the services and its good transport links. “The development is close to the Universidad Miguel Hernández, shopping centres, the golf course, the Hospital de San Juan and the beach of San Juan – 25 minutes on foot”, said the co-CEO, who concluded by underlining the high rate of sales of the first month, with clients who are looking for a first residence and foreigners as the main figures.
About AEDAS Homes

AEDAS Homes (2016) is a leading residential developer in Spain, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 2017. It has developed more than 200 projects with over 12,000 homes in the most dynamic markets in Spain and has become an icon of innovation, sustainability, industrialisation,rigour and professionalism in the property sector.
The company has a portfolio of land land for residential development for 17,700 homes in the key areas of the country, at both the real estate and economic level, and it carries out its operations through six territorial divisions Centre, Catalonia, Levante and Balearics, Andalusia, Costa del Sol and North

About 011h:
011h 011h is a new-generation construction company that makes carbon neutral buildings putting people at the centre. It drives a new way of building through digitalisation, industrialisation and the use of circular materials.. The application of this triple philosophy makes it possible to reduce completion times for projects and provide maximum quality.